03 March 2014

This Week's Meals #9

I'm not having much time to post other than the weekly meal plan. Our little person has gone from just sitting up to crawling all over the place and attempting to climb on top of anything he can get his hands on. I know everyone says they grow up so quickly but the speed at which he is learning, developing his skills and growing is scary. He'll be a little toddler soon!

This week's meal plan is based on using up what we have in the freezer and fridge, although I will need to stock up on fresh vegetables. Since moving to LCHF we don't tend to eat from the 'store cupboard', so most of our food is whatever needs the fridge or freezer. This point makes me feel good for some reason, I think its because if it can go off it is good for you and hasn't been fiddled with!

On the subject of LCHF and my diet, after 4 weeks of struggling to stick to calories and no weight loss the scales are now moving again and I have lost another 2lbs this week! The thing is, in that 4 week period I didn't gain any weight either, at all. If I was eating like I was before and not decreased my carb intake I'm positive I would have gained weight by not sticking to a calorie allowance in that 4 week period (I ate more calories I need to maintain to my weight too). So, this week I've concentrated a little more on the calories and its started coming off again.

The other thing that has helped is that I have made more of an effort to walk everywhere with little person in his pram. He loves being outside so its good for him too. We did 15 miles last week, which is not bad for someone who hasn't exercised in years. I don't believe exercise is strictly necessary for weight loss but it does earn you extra calories if you are trying to lose weight. It also makes you feel good, plain and simple! I've loved being out in the chilly sunshine, its interesting the things you notice when you are walking that you would never notice driving. So I've set myself a target of 100 miles in 8 weeks to keep me motivated to carry on! Mapmywalk is my new favourite website!

Here is this week's plan;

Monday - Steak Salad, straight forward steak fried over a nice big salad 

Tuesday  - Jamaican Beef Curry (in slow cooker) with cauliflower rice. The recipe is for goat but I don't have goat in the freezer! I've made this with lamb and it's oh so good!

Wednesday - Courgette Lasagne (this is what was missed off of last week's menu as I had 8 meals planned)

Thursday - Sausages, broccoli, carrots and gravy

Friday - Eating out with the big man

Saturday - Fish Pie with cauliflower mash topping  I love the recipe on the blog (see link) because it has a few options for the topping to choose from.

Sunday - Poussin and roasted vegetables (likely to be peppers and red onions). Don't normally have poussin lying around in the freezer but it was reduced because of its sell by date, so had to try it.

Have a good week everyone!

Meal Planning Monday


Vikki T said...

Cauliflower Rice? Is that where you blitz raw cauliflower in a food processor? x

Kim Carberry said...

Yum! Everything sounds delicious especially the Jamaican Beef Curry :D

Joanne Homer said...

ooh the Jamaican beef curry sounds good, I've never had goat - what's it like?

Joanne Homer said...

well done on the weight loss and good luck with your walking goal. I've set myself a mad target of cycling 26 miles a day in March ( My Mad March Marathon!) on my exercise bike, it's tough going but I do feel better for it, I use mapmyfitness to keep a track of what I do and also myfitnesspal to keep a track of my calorie intake and both are doing wonders for my waistline!

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