17 February 2014

This Week's Meals #7

Back to meal planning. It is so much easier to eat well and save money when you meal plan. And it doesn't have to be time consuming, I save recipes using Pinterest so I always have lots to choose from. There's no harm in rotating recipes each week if that's your thing. Here's our plan for this week in no particular order

Mozzarella Stuffed, bacon Wrapped Chicken Thigh Caesar Salad with home made dressing

'Taze Fasulye' or Turkish Green Beans in tomato sauce with lamb (will add recipe in the week) 

Slow Cooker Pakistani Beef Curry and Cauliflower Rice

Chilli Paneer and Cauliflower Rice 

Peppered Grill steaks and Salad 

Meal Planning Monday


Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe said...

The Slow cooked beef curry looks delicious! #MealPlanningMonday

Kim Carberry said...

Everything sounds delicious!
Have a great week x

Metz Rashid said...

I can't wait for it! Will report back on how it works out!

Metz Rashid said...

Thanks Kim! And for stopping by!

Vikki T said...

That slow cooker pork sounds lovely!

Another one to add to my "must cook" list :)


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