04 August 2012

Whole 30 Progress

It's not going very well at all, I lasted about 3 days. The minute I restricted my diet so much it stopped being fun. It turned in to eating just to fuel rather than enjoying the process of cooking and finding new recipes. It was the grilled halloumi that did it. You try telling a hormonal women she can't have grilled halloumi when that is exactly what she wants at that exact moment.

Now, I know these are just excuses because if I had planned and organised myself properly I would be cooking new recipes that easily fit in with the Whole 30 Challenge. I am still off the sugar (although cravings are still there)  and coffee. Although coffee is allowed on the challenge I quit that too as it was what I was relying on to give me a kick throughout the day. I'm still keeping dairy, grains, legumes and alcohol to a minimum, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Maybe I'll try the challenge again soon when I've accumulated enough exciting recipes and food ideas to last me 30 days!


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